When It's OK To Say Oh S**t

When it's OK to say "Oh S**t". A collection of pictures depicting times when the four letter chorus is almost expected.

Bad landing indeed. The skies were friendly The ground wasn't.

Not the way you wanna wind up on the Jumbotron there lady.

Brain to body. This is gonna get painful.

Let's just hope this pilot isn't trying to use the Carpool lane.

You think this guy needs to check his shorts, think of the driver in front of him.

Oh this is about to get "Somebody call his next of kin" ugly.

He's thinking "Soft water landing". They're thinking "I call drumstick".

This killer whale is getting his lunch the easy way.

He probably shoulda waited til AFTER the storm to go work on them lines.

"Oh Dang and here i forgot the tartar sauce".


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