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My Pinball Arcade Reviews Part 5

Time for the fifth installment in the My Pinball Arcade Reviews Series. Part 6 will feature the last 2 tables plus a review of their newest entry Party Zone which is due out in November as well as Ghostbusters Pinball which is currently only available for Google Play and Iphone and Ipad users. Bummer because from what little I've played of it its awesome. Wouldn't mind seeing it on my PC or Kindle.
Space Shuttle This space themed classic from 1984 literally revitalized pinball sales which had slumped in previous years. In this classic you are Mission Control. You must launch the space shuttle, Lock balls for 2 and three ball Multiball and of course score astronomical amounts of points. There's even a toy space shuttle on the playfield. I have fond memories of playing this one at the local Circle K as a teenager. 5 stars and a satellite go to this classic space case.
Star Trek: The Next Generation This classic from 1993 is based on the hit television show. Players get to play…

My Pinball Arcade Reviews Part 4

OK true believers. It's time for part 4 of my Pinball Arcade reviews. BTW just a side note. I counted the number of tables on my Kindle version and there are 52. #Whoopsie. My bad folks.
High Speed This Williams classic from 1986 will forever hold a spot in my heart. It's the one game that kick started my obsession with the silver ball those many moons ago. High Speed also did a cameo in the movie Opportunity Knocks starring Dana Carvey. In this game you're the driver and your goal is to run red lights and outrun the fuzz. I give this pinball classic 5 stars and a vroom vroom. Pull over buddy.
Junk Yard If you read part two then you know I referenced this table from 1998 briefly. Apparently Crazy Bob retired from barroom brawling and opened up his own junk yard. Now you're stuck there and must assemble parts to escape while battling Spike the dog. There's also a time travel mode where you get to revisit such modes as The Mamushka from The Addams Family and the video …

My Pinball Arcade Reviews Part 3

Part 3 of my Pinball Arcade reviews has arrived. Now since my last post on the subject, the gang at Farsight Studios has added Phantom Of The opera by Data East to the line-up. This brings the total to 51 tables and they'll probably have added another to the line-up by the time I'm done publishing these posts. I'm hoping for either Earthshakers or Comet. They just successfully wrapped up their Kickstarter campaign to be able to pay the licencing fees for The Addams Family. That should be out in February. WOO HOO. I have fond memories of playing that table at a now defunct arcade just across the street from a Mcdonald's. Sitting in that dimly lit arcade with a Big Mac and fries on one side of the playfield and a large Coke on the other. Eating and drinking between balls. Good times. Good times.
Firepower This outer space based arcade classic from 1980 was the first to use player controlled lane change among other firsts in pinball. I like the robotic speech on this table…

My Pinball Arcade Reviews Part 2

It's time for part 2 of my Pinball Arcade reviews. Enjoy.
Central Park This classic table from 1966 features smaller than normal flippers and 7 outlanes. It only gets 3 stars because it's a pain in the rump to get a decent score on unless you're really good.
The Champion Pub This interesting table from 1998 is centered around a bar that doubles as a boxing ring and training facility. You even get to go a few with such interesting characters as Dan Under, Knuckles O'Brian, and Crazy Bob (Who unless I'm mistaken is featured in the table Junk Yard which i'll be reviewing later.) 4 1/2 stars for this bad boy.
Cirqus Voltaire Ever dream of running away and joining the circus? Well in Cirqus Voltaire, a table from 1997 you can do just that. several features including Video Mode where you must use the flipper buttons to make a frog jump over obstacles and a Defeat The Ringmaster mode in which you must hit the Ringmaster 5 times with your ball make this a show not to be m…