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My Pinball Arcade Reviews Part 1

As a rabid pinball fanatic I love Farsight Studio's Pinball Arcade. This app allows you to play arcade quality reproductions of classic and rare pinball machines. Classics sic as Pin Bot and Whirlwind and rare finds such as Ripley 's Believe It Or Not and Central Park. Over the next few posts I will give short reviews of all 52 tables available for this awesome app in alphabetical order. Attack From Mars This pinball classic once thought to be linked to the movie Mars Attacks centers around alien invaders from Mars and how you Must defeat them. This game features include a video mode and a UFO that must be hit multiple times in order to complete certain missions. I played this several times at a local bowling alley. I love this game and give it five stars.
Big Shot This billiards themed table from the 60s is a classic. All you have to do is hit the targets for all 15 balls including the 8 ball. You can score extra balls and specials by doing so. You can also choose between 3 an…